Stickers & Magnets

Eye-catching Stickers and Magnets

They may be small, but stickers and magnets have the power to grab massive attention. Whether you’re running a business, trying to drum up publicity or creating promotional charity event materials, these affordable items are perfect for getting others involved in what you have to offer. Best of all, we provide a one-stop solution for all of your design and printing needs.


Stickers are more than just adhesive additions to documents and packages. They can also act as awareness-boosting tools that give your brand a foothold in the most unexpected locations.

If you hand out cool stickers with purchases, you’re likely to see them start appearing on local fixtures, such as signs, city street posts and bulletin boards. Or you can create attractive decals and wraps for iconic vehicle and window signage. Since people instinctively place the stickers they receive on the surfaces around them, it’s easy to give your brand free advertising with its own legs.


Magnets aren’t just for fridges anymore. Today, enterprises and organizations routinely use them to make the most of assets like vehicles, trailers and industrial equipment. With a large magnet that displays a logo, company name, phone number and website, your preferred mode of transportation or vital business tool can double as a mobile billboard that builds interest anywhere.

Using magnetic signage is a great way to increase the number of calls you get from new clients who just happened to be searching for services like yours when they saw your vehicle. At job sites, having magnets and stickers on your equipment ensures that everyone instantly knows who’s responsible for the awesome work they’re seeing.

Let Us Design and Print Your Magnets and Stickers

There’s a big difference between an ordinary sign and an impactful marketing tool. Since stickers and magnets feature limited display areas, you have to be selective about the types of content you choose to include. Slip up, and you’ll make it impossible for people to glean useful, memorable information from your advertising.

Fortunately, we have the answer. Our team of design specialists can help you transform your outreach idea into a promotional item that does its job flawlessly. We’re experts at making your content as legible and eye-catching as possible. What’s more, we also provide streamlined printing services, so it’s easy to go from a concept to a tangible, long-lasting marketing tool.

Spread Your Reputation as Far as Possible

Your profitability rests on brand awareness, so why not capitalize on every possible opportunity? Chat with one of our marketing gurus about creating magnets and stickers that get your company’s name out there.

We Design, Print & Deliver!

Unlike many of our competitors, we offer in-house printing services.
In other words, you always know that what you see and approve is exactly what you'll receive in physical form.